It’s my Life!

A long  time ago, many folks tried to convince me that I need to conform to societal norm. A long time ago, they all failed. Today, they still fail.

Why? Because I knew what I wanted then. I still know what I want now.

Seriously, please stop trying to convince me that the Life choices I’ve picked are any less noble than yours. Or any less right. I don’t look down my nose at you and go “Tsk tsk tsk…you have no more life now”, do I?

Why? Because I respect your Life choices and I am happy for you because you are happy.

So why can’t you folks be happy for me because I am happy?! I kid you not. I AM HAPPY. Well, a little frustrated now with y’all but yeah, I’d not have it any other way.

Yes, I’ve picked the road less traveled.

Why? Because I am not ‘regular’. Never have been, never will be.

Now, try getting that into your heads.
It’s really not that hard.

2 Responses to “It’s my Life!”

  1. Great post, thanks for writing it. This speaks my mind as well on what I want to tell people around me! LOL!

  2. Yes, this post is definitely for all the many non-conformists out there 🙂 You are definitely not alone 🙂

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