There are ways to compliment the ladies and there are ways to compliment the ladies. And yes, there is such a thing as over-compliment.

We really don’t want to come across as being unappreciative of your efforts but seriously, ditch the corny lines. We have access to the Internet too, y’know. Even if we don’t personally get first-hand experience of some of the lines, we know of them. And we crinch at them.

If we like you, we like you for who you are. We like you even when you are in your oldest pair of shorts and tattered tee. We like you even when you have bits of vege wedged in-between your teeth. But no, we don’t necessarily like you more just because you try very hard to impress us. But seriously, if you have to try too hard, is the lady worth it?

So here’s a piece of friendly advice for a certain someone.

Compliment if you sincerely feel the need to do so but I don’t need to be complimented every few minutes. Also, please do not try to turn every thing I say into something about you/us. To some folks (like yours truly), there is a very short fuse for that sort of stuff. Rolling my eyes does not even begin to show you my annoyance.

If you still want this friendship, leave the corny lines behind and let’s just enjoy the simple sincerity between 2 people, ok?

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