A Perfect Day

Knock! Knock! Knock!
Drilllllll Drilllllllll Drilllllllll

“Arghh! Why are folks doing house renovations on a Sunday morning?!? I wanna sleep some more!”

She snuggled up closer against him, settling comfortably into the familiar nooks. Refusing to allow the world to cloud into their cosy space.

He chuckled in amusement.

“Don’t laugh! Ten more mins please…” she pleaded.

“I’m not laughing coz you refuse to wake up. I’m laughing coz today is not Sunday!”

Surprised, she lifted her head slightly from his comfy shoulders. “Not Sunday?”

He chuckled again and nodded.

“Really? Don’t pull my leg ah…”

“Really. Think about it for a second. What day was yesterday when we were walking around USS?”

“Hmmm…oh yeahor!”

Suddenly feeling very silly, she snuggled back into his arms.

“Never mind. Today will be the perfect day for us” she said just before re-entering their warm cocoon.

And so it was. A perfect day indeed.

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