Cycle of Life

I think I was 6 when my mom bought me my first bicycle.

Although it came with the 2 side/training wheels, she insisted that I shouldn’t be getting too reliant on them for too long. So I enjoyed the safety of the training wheels for the whole of one week. Then off they went and I never saw them again to this day.

However, thanks to her, I became a very independant rider at a very young age. I was zooming around the neighbourhood in my BMX when my older cousins were still struggling with their kiddo bikes. LOL!

Of late, we seem to be getting alot of those heart-warming ‘reversed role’ moments. I cannot help but smile when I see the look of excitement on my folks’ faces during those times that I get to do for them what they used to do for me as a kid.

This is mom testing out the bikes at the supermarket last night.

Picture was taken inside the supermarket as she was taking the bike for mini test rides.

Never mind that the other shoppers were staring, wondering why an auntie was zooming around the supermarket on a bike. Never mind that the supermarket security was keeping a sharp eye on her,  ready to throw us out should she knock into any shoppers.

She just couldn’t be bothered what others thought as long as she gets to test out all the potential bikes. Yup, as long as she is happy, nothing else (except family) matters much. I think I got that from her. Heh.

She finally decided on the foldable bike.

“So that we can fold the bike and put it in the back of the Harrier as we explore all the beautiful parks in this country!”, she excitedly said to me.

What else can I do but nod and smile, happy that I am given the opportunity to give back what she so selflessly gave in my growing up years.

So yeah…we are going to the park this weekend.

2 Responses to “Cycle of Life”

  1. Its when we wish to be what others want us to be…that we fail.

  2. So true, Daniel … so true 😀

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