For what it’s worth

Many folks talk about their wants, their needs and their ultimate goal in Life. Then they talk about the sacrifices required to realize those wants and needs.

Some sacrifices are expected while some are so extreme they made you wonder.

I know what I want and I know how much I want but do I turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the world just to achieve that want? It’s easy to throw a resounding YES! but I sat down to think about it long and hard.

Sure, I want it bad. Sure, I’d do the best I can for it. Sure, I’d even make huge sacrifices for it. But would I close my door to what the world has to offer me? Can’t say I would.

Doesn’t mean I want it any less. Doesn’t mean I believe in it any less. And most definitely doesn’t mean I can’t do it any better.

It just means I know that as I journey through the path I have chosen, I have accumulated my worth to the world. And the world knows it as much as I do.

So do I close my door to the opportunities the world is offering me? Definitely not. Because I know I am worth it. And because I know I surprise myself every time I venture out of my comfort zone.

One thing’s for sure.

The world never fails to knock us off our feet. Every single time. And that’s as sure as the sun setting everyday.

So I know that I can and I will land well every time I get knocked over.

Simply because I have prepped for it all my life.

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