Dream Job

Bumped into this dude in the train this morning and couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

He’s either super late to his office or he’s doing a splendid ‘job’ advertising for Wendy’s.

Thanks for the laugh, Wong-LeeHome lookalike. You sure picked up my Monday morn.


3 Responses to “Dream Job”

  1. miao miao Says:

    definitely an advertising gimmick! good one tho. 😀

    ps – no one tried to wake him with a kiss? 😛

  2. I seriously tot abt it (he IS kinda cute) but the auntie sitting next to him was staring blatantly at him. Didn’t want the auntie to get a heart attack fm the ‘fun’! Lolz.

    It is indeed an awesome idea, hor? How come folks back home don’t come up with fun ideas like this…

  3. miao miao Says:

    ahhaahh i’m gonna blame it on our spoon feeding education system! 😛

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