Stop n Stretch

I first felt it way back in circa 2003-2004.  

Between 12-16 hours daily glued to a non-ergonomic chair and a burning drive to prove myself in the challenging corporate world, it was a price I knowingly paid. However, what I didn’t know was that it’s gonna be a life-long price which I’d continually pay for years to come.

So folks, if your job is as desk-bound as mine is, take heed.

  • No matter how engrossed you get with your job, stop and take a break.
  • No matter how tight your timeline is, stop and take a break.
  • No mater how much adrenalin is pumping through your being, stop and take a break.


By take a break, I meant do a bit of stretching. Stand up. Walk over to your colleagues just to say hi. Go make yourself a cup of coffee/tea/milo. Go out to the garden and take a sniff of the greenery. Go to the window and look out. Enjoy the view. Daydream a little. Then go back to the drill.

All that can be in five minutes or less. It’s really up to you.
Then hopefully, you will never have to know the meaning of lower back pain.

Trust me, if there’s one thing in this world that you never need to know, this is it.

Why? Because the helplessness kills. Not being able to do the most basic everyday things like sitting on the toilet bowl to pee. Not being able to get out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning. Not being able to turn your body in the middle of the night. Not being able to sneeze or cough without feeling the sharp pain coursing from your spine to your brain.

One sure way to keep lower back pain at bay is to strengthen your lower back muscles in order to protect your spine. Something I keep forgetting when I get high on my cardio fixes at the gym. Reminder to self : Spend some time doing lower back strengthening exercises after my daily cardio sessions.

Some sites if you have the time to read up.

On the other hand, if pictures draw a thousand words for you, here are some good graphics.

For instructions on how to get into the above positions without overly-contorting yourselves, here’s the link :

I know I will be doing more of these now.

Folks, life’s too precious to be abused and then ignored.

Live it full and live it well.

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