To Goh Ee with Love

When I open up my chest of memories reserved for you, it always amazes me that it’s completely filled with beautiful entries.

Not a single unpleasant one through the years. Hard to believe (considering Life is filled with ups & downs) but true. Then again, you always have the magical touch to turn the downs to ups, somehow someway.

I remember …

  • When you patiently blew the hot porridge/soup to cool it down before spooning it into my impatient and sensitive mouth.
  • When you laughed with me through the afternoon cartoon shows.
  • When you insisted on taking me shopping even though your feet hurts.
  • When you cried at my graduation.
  • When you stood strongly by me while others threw accusations.
  • When you believed in my dreams.
  • When you reminded me to focus on what’s important and ignore the noises.
  • When you giggled at my stubborness to fight the norm.
  • When you sobbed in my arms at our shared loss.
  • When you taught me how to love and give selflessly. 
  • When you made me promise to take care of your precious ones.

I will never, ever forget those memories.

I still miss you and I don’t think I will ever stop missing you. I remind myself to be strong and not cry when I think of you.

You are definitely happier now, that I know. And for that, I am happy for you too.

I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Love you forever and ever, Goh Ee.

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