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BC Challenge : Penang vs Melbourne

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This video has convinced me that I should consider quitting my job and enjoy the fruits of my man’s hidden talent.

Wadya think?


Doing Nothing is Everything

Posted in Uncategorized on June 27, 2011 by eleenpor

Every time ‘I’ becomes ‘We’, there are a million things to do together.

Miraculously, we can manage to cramp a million tasks into a very short 48 hours but we always, always forget one very important task – Doing nothing together.

It hit me last night that it’s actually one of the most crucial things we do that binds us close. Yet, we have almost forgotten to allocate time for it.

So as agreed, we need to schedule time to do nothing, ok?

Yoda says:
“Foreplay…cuddling…a Jedi craves not these things”

Guess Yoda we are not.

Chasing dreams

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Mornings like this, I wanna crawl back in-between the covers of my comfy bed and get lost in my dreams.


I know there’s a world of dreams out there, waiting for me to discover. And discover them, I shall.

Hold on tight. It’s full speed ahead!

We Dance On, baby!

Posted in Fitness with tags , , on June 10, 2011 by eleenpor

I do not know why or how but this is stuck in my head since I started checking out the tracks for the upcoming BC48 release in FF S’pore.

When the beat thumps through my being, I visualize the chorey and I have to fight every cell in me from jumping up and launch into a full-scale track 3 of Body Combat 48! LOL

Yes, I am obsessed! 😛


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… is playing in the rain.

… is when love & life never stops even through the twilight years.

And that’s all that should matter to those who matter.