Hiya folks.

There are actually 2 reasons why this space has not been updated much in the past few months.

1) Life

2) Tool

Reason #1 above isn’t really the main reason as I’ve always believed that if there’s a will, there will always be a way. In the past when Life intervenes, this space still gets updated.

So reason #2 is the real culprit.

Not making excuses but the new lappie at work is a real pain to blog from. WordPress just doesn’t get loaded properly and I spend time trying to maneuver my way around the page than actually writing.

In fact, I am writing from a friend’s MacBook now while my spanking new HP Elite Book is sitting in my backpack.

Nothing to do with the brand of the hardware but everything to do with the restrictions of my IT folks from my not-so-new office in Lion City. Bah.

There has been loads that I wanted to share but …

Anyway, will try to update this space as much as I can but at least you now know that I have not abandoned you.

Just … handicapped.

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