Brazilian Café

I don’t like coffee.
I don’t like the feeling in my tummy when coffee settles in.
I don’t like the taste that lingers on my tongue when coffee seeps in.
I don’t like the strong aroma that gives me a headache.
I just don’t like coffee.


In the past 2 weeks, I have downed more coffee than I have ever had in my entire lifetime.

All because Mãe makes the most delicious coffee. That doesn’t make my tummy feel funny. Or give me a headache. Or turn my tongue into an alien’s.

And also.

Her coffee reminds me of grandpa. Coz his coffee tastes the same way. The good old way. Not the way those fancy shmancy coffee places like Starbucks make their coffee. And charge a limb for a cuppa.

Mãe’s coffee is the best coffee in Brazil. I’d bet my life on it. 😀



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