Playing games

I swear.

There are many things in Life I can lay claim to doing good. Maybe great in some. (Yup, tonight’s not a night for modesty)


There is one thing though, that I suck at. Really, really suck at. From 1 to 10, maybe -1000000.

Not because I tried but just couldn’t excel at it. But plainly because I do not believe in it. My logic is simple, really. Why bother trying to be good at something I don’t believe in.


So, if you are looking for someone to play games with, look elsewhere. I am not and will never be good at playing games.

“But why? Isn’t it an essential survival tool in today’s twisted world?” someone asked.

My answer :
Maybe it’s essential to some but definitely not to me. What’s essential is that I am true to myself and those who matter. What’s essential is that I fight for what I believe in. What’s essential is that I do what feels right to me. And most of all, what’s essential is that I appreciate Love and Life.

So no, I don’t appreciate games. Nor do I think it’s funny to watch others being played.

I repeat. Look elsewhere. I’ve really got nothing for you.

I swear.

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