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Posted in Update with tags on August 9, 2011 by eleenpor

Hiya folks.

There are actually 2 reasons why this space has not been updated much in the past few months.

1) Life

2) Tool

Reason #1 above isn’t really the main reason as I’ve always believed that if there’s a will, there will always be a way. In the past when Life intervenes, this space still gets updated.

So reason #2 is the real culprit.

Not making excuses but the new lappie at work is a real pain to blog from. WordPress just doesn’t get loaded properly and I spend time trying to maneuver my way around the page than actually writing.

In fact, I am writing from a friend’s MacBook now while my spanking new HP Elite Book is sitting in my backpack.

Nothing to do with the brand of the hardware but everything to do with the restrictions of my IT folks from my not-so-new office in Lion City. Bah.

There has been loads that I wanted to share but …

Anyway, will try to update this space as much as I can but at least you now know that I have not abandoned you.

Just … handicapped.


Posted in Uncategorized with tags on May 25, 2011 by eleenpor

A thousand thoughts racing through my mind,
A million dreams coursing through my soul,
A kazillion things rushing into my to-do list,
A single thing to prioritise :


No turning back

Posted in Personal with tags , on May 12, 2011 by eleenpor

It’s signed and sealed.

No more worrying if it’s too big a leap.
No more worrying if it’s too high a risk.
No more worrying if it’s too crazy an idea.
No more worrying if it’s too wild a step.

There’s just no turning back now.

*excited* *scared* *excited* *scared* *excited*  *excited*  *excited*  *excited*  *excited*  *excited*  *excited* *excited*  *scared*  *excited*  *excited*  *excited*  *scared*  *excited*  *excited*  *excited*  *excited*

No need that many guesses to know which one’s prevailing.

Phases of Us

Posted in Dedication with tags on May 9, 2011 by eleenpor

Sometimes, your nonchalance frustrates me.
Sometimes, your insecurity perplexes me.
Sometimes. your indecision peeves me.


When you selflessly show how much you love me,
When you do little things that remind me how much I mean to you,
When you challenge me to be a better person,
I realise how strong we truly are.

Then I think about how we managed the distance. How we continued to believe in us. How we disregarded the noises and concentrated only on the big picture.

I realise we have moved on to the next phase.


Lost in Paradise

Posted in Relaxation with tags on May 3, 2011 by eleenpor

There’s something about the way things smell, look and feel after the rain that soothes the soul and lifts the spirit.

The crispness of the air around,
The burst of vibrant colors from the flowers,
The greenness of the grass and the trees,
The tiny droplets of water from breeze-whispered leaves,
The joyful laughter of kids playing in the puddles.

So in this little bit of Paradise, I was utterly and happily lost.

P/S – Folks had to send a search army to get me back to base camp.


Posted in Rant with tags on April 30, 2011 by eleenpor

I don’t understand.

Folks get excited, jump up, raise their hands and lay claim on all things great, chic or in-vogue. Then when it comes to committing oneself to the claims, suddenly they  look away. Twiddle their fingers. Whistle to themselves. Fiddle with their iPhones. Anything but look us in the eye and commit to doing it.

Call me intolerant but I am seriously annoyed.

If you cannot commit to something, why bother laying claims on it in the first place? Isn’t it a waste of your breath and a hit to your own credibility?


  • If you are too lazy to exercise, stop complaining that you are fat.
  • If you can’t be arsed to work hard, stop going on about needing more money.
  • If you don’t bother to check out the classifieds, stop bitching about your boss.
  • If you don’t believe in fighting for what you want in Life, stop whinging about being short-changed.

I mean, WTF?

Short message

Posted in Personal with tags on April 29, 2011 by eleenpor

Got your message last weekend.

I know you care and you have only the best of intentions. I also know that you are one of those few human beings in this world who truly knows me inside out.

Amongst many things, you wrote this :

“…We all want life to be nicely cut-and-dried. I know you view the world through the glasses of strong principles, where everything that should be said and done, should be said and done.

But sometimes, it is not so easy. While we may want to believe and live it, the fact is that some choices are not ours to make. Those choices that we can and should make, we would do well to. But life is such that we do not always have that choice. Never forget that there are the strong and there are the weak; you may be able to break free from shackles because you are strong, but do not forget that not everyone is born with your strength…”

I hear you. And I do not disagree with you.

I am however, struggling to explain my thoughts and my feelings to you. Maybe it’s the distance. Maybe it’s the timing. Maybe it’s the fact that I am just really tired from battling with a chauvinistic pig.

One day, I hope to have the time and opportunity to share with you the complexities of it all.

For now, just understand that the decision I made was not easy but hey, who says Life is all about making easy decisions. You of all folks should know that.

Talk to you soon (or whenever we have a chance to talk).